I was walking round the corner to the Co-Op with Dad, probably to get lunch, when we had this conversation:

Me: Dad, do burglar’s wear special clothes?

Dad: (Thinking of striped shirts) Not really

Me: Do they have skateboards?

Dad: Not disproportionately. .. why?

Me: So they can get in the windows?

Dad: (Thinking of playing Tony Hawk videogames) They skateboard through the windows?

Me: Yeah. They lie on their skateboards and skate through the windows

Dad: .. Can I put this on your blog?

Me: Yes.


from : Laurie
to daisydunkeld at
date Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 4:55 PM
subject Hello

Hi there,

I hope you are well and I’m sorry for bothering you…I found you online and was intrigued.

I’m currently researching business opportunities/ideas with the hopes of finding something I can do from home full-time.

Your business sounds interesting – could you tell me about yourself and how well you are doing in your present business?

Thanks so much!

Dear Laurie

I like to play shops?

Daisy xx

Shh.. I’m not really here..

So, a quick update on events in Daisyland:

  1. I have a wobbly tooth, front and centre, with a new one visibly growing behind it
  2. It’s James’ birthday tomorrow and the poor dear has no idea – we’ve tried to tell him but he insist’s he’s five already, so being three isn’t very thrilling
  3. I spent my Christmas money on six months membership of my favourite mmorpg, Club Penguin (anyone know how to say mmorpg?) and I now have three pet puffles which require regular care and attention or they will wander off.
  4. My reading and writing and ‘rithmetic are coming along: I’ve been working my way through the colour-codes of books, and I’m up to the second-highest which is Orange Books, and I might be going up to Turquoise soon. My writing has become much smaller and well-formed, and I have even started adding curlicues and flourishes.. I like writing little books, certificates, and I’ve done a whole bunch of cards for James’ birthday, with little drawings of WALL-E (which I do well, though I say so myself) and Lightning McQueen (which I find harder). In Maths we’re doing graphs and pictograms, shape recognition (including exotica like hexagons and cuboids) to leaven the dough of plain old adding and subtracting.

Ring Of Fire

On Christmas Day night we played games – Wink, Ring Of Fire, and Charades. I was allowed to stay up for and participate in the first two, charades being too difficult for me. I enjoyed Wink, especially when I was the murderer – though lacking the ability to actually wink and the social engineering skills required to do it surreptitiously, I took to advancing on my victim, forcing eye contact, then blinking as hard as I could. Amazingly, I went undetected!

I played Ring Of Fire with a glass or two of milk, and got the hang of it quicker than some grown-ups who were playing with glasses of wine or beer, especially when a couple of the International Rules were introduced (when you get an Ace you can make a rule) – no use of ‘first names’ allowed, no mention of the word ‘drink’, and my cousin Felix had to be addressed as The Mighty Don..

School’s Out For Christmas

We had our Christmas party at school last Thursday, then on Friday our headteacher retired and we sang her our special surprise song “She’s Not A Bossy Boss” which I have had to keep secret for obvious reasons.

We went for a neighbourly Christmas get-together this afternoon, great fun with the children upstairs and the grown-ups downstairs. Tomorrow we’re off to Milo’s for another do with lots of my school-friends, then on Monday we’re all due for a lay-in, though I bet it doesn’t work out like that as pre-Christmas excitement is hitting fever pitch and I literally can’t wait..


We had our shows at school last week – we did a puppet show for music club, a winter dance for dance club, and on Friday two performances of our school nativity play, based on Little Robin Red Vest – I was a Robin dancer (the teachers of Puffin and Penguin class adapted the story so we could all get a part). Granny and Grandad and James came to the puppet show (I don’ t think Grandad would have come if he knew it was going to happen, shows are one of the ‘things he doesn’t do’), Mum and Dad and James came to the winter dance, and Mum and Dad and Granny came to the play. Phew! This performing lark don’ ‘arf take it out of a girl.

Only one more week of school left this term: every day I ask at least once how many days there are between now and Christmas (the answer varies during the day depending on whether the answerer includes today and Christmas Day in the time-span, I like the shorter versions which exclude both). Me and James have a Christmas tree in our bedroom (I’m sure the other night when he woke up in the dark I heard him ask for the ‘Father Christmas lights’ to be turned on) and we have a tree in the lounge with the classier decorations and the lights around the mirror have been turned on, some red Rudolph lights on our picture of California Street, and some battery powered lights and gold stars on the banister in our hall.